London wedding videographerMany couples planning their wedding wonder why is it that documenting their special day take up so much budget. It might even surprise many to know that a single videography package can cost more than that beautiful wedding dress they chose.

The right London wedding videographer isn’t always within your budget, at least not within what you thought was reasonable.

Equipment cost

A single videographer doesn’t operate with a single camera. They need to have multiple types of equipment and have to be ready to operate even bigger ones when it’s needed. Usually, a professional need to have at least two cameras on-site and a backup in case something goes wrong.

They also need to have a good sound recording equipment. Sound plays a very big part to make a great film, just like when you go to watch a movie at the theater. It can ruin or escalate the mood depending on the sound quality. To do that, the videographer needs to have reliable audio gear which can cost real high. It will also mean extra work for the videographer, which is why most professionals work in a team.

No second takes

In a wedding, a videographer has got one chance to do things right. To achieve that, they need to be prepared and experience plays a big part in here. It’s up to their quick reflexes to handle problems and professionalism in working on their job.

Mixing audios, taking multiple shots and positioning stationary cameras at the right place; all those take great expertise and proper planning to be executed correctly. A videographer may also need to get more manpower to operate them all and help with recording the same scene from multiple directions.

That asks for a really reliable London wedding videographer like This man makes it count with him every client by giving his utmost effort and time to each. Investing in the necessary discussions and planning is what makes his works amazing and satisfying.

Editing quality

After the taking, comes the editing part. No video will look decent without at least proper basic editing and clean. Especially if the style that you’ve requested is other that traditional type. Cinematic typically requires the most editing done to create a movie-like feel to your wedding video. It’s certainly no easy to create a movie of your own wedding because your videographer needs to be able to gain the scenes that he needs.

There’s also the fact that a videographer has to spend days and nights editing that video from the hours of footage he got on the day. 12 hours of footage may only turn into an hour of movie or so in the end. Various sounds and dialogues are mixed into the video and various scenes are compiled with songs integrated into them. It’s like becoming the director, cameraman, scriptwriter, and editor at the same time.


You need a videographer that tends to invest his time in you. In a wedding video, what really matters is your preference and how your London wedding videographer can conform to that style. Even if he’s good, you might not feel as satisfied as when he can do it like you want it to be.