Cut the guest list.

wedding photographer HampshireKeep the list small and include only a select number of people who actually know you and your partner by your first names. Being overly generous with the guest list means that you are giving your expenses the chance to just run free and be all over the place and this is what you ought to opt out of when it all comes down to it. Keep a few close friends and some family members on the list. If there’s this far off cousin that you haven’t really talked to in the past 5 years, the wedding isn’t exactly a reason for you to stop interacting, especially if you don’t have to. Weddings should be intimate and heartfelt in the first place, not some sort of show of pageantry or something like that. You will be in a far better place if you keep it short and sweet. Your budget will be happy about it and so will you. Make sure your wedding photographer Hampshire gets a copy of the guest list so far.

Check out what’s important.

Settle down with what your priorities are for the wedding. You might want to talk to your partner about what your main priorities are for the wedding. knowing what is important to each other and what the main goals are and keeping them in mind and on point all of the time is something that you should always be dead set on getting to so far.

Pass on the pricey stuff.

Beluga caviar and champagne and the like can be a little too much at times and honestly things that aren’t exactly necessary. If you can afford the little luxuries, then by all means, go for them. But if the budget is a little limited, then you ought to get something done about this. Keep things simple and things will go on just fine. Seriously consider the aspect of buying a new set of diamond jewelleries and how important they are to you before a single dollar leaves your pockets.

Get a smaller car.

You are going to need some transportation during the wedding and even before that when you are preparing for it and that means that you will have to rent out some cars while you are at it. Going through the whole nine yards by renting out a stretch limo or something like that can turn out to be a little too much for your budget and you should honestly consider a much more sensible choice such as a town car and any other car out there that will do just fine. For as long as you will be able to get from point A to point B, you should be fine and good to go. A smaller car isn’t exactly such a bad thing especially if it means that you have a little bit more financial freedom in booking a top wedding photographer Hampshire, for example. You are going to want to keep making compromises when you are planning out your dream wedding so be sensible with the choices that you need to make so far.