fine art wedding photographyFine art wedding photography is one of the most sought photography technique for clients. It’s due to the beautiful quality of the pictures and how they just mesmerize the people that look at them. You wonder if you can do the same with your pictures, too.

Don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place and we’ll help you begin how!

Do you like the style?

The first question that you need to ask is if you really like the style. We know that most of our readers who come here are people with interest in fine art photography. Most. We want you to be sure that you really like it, so you can enjoy working on the pictures later on. Getting annoyed is something that will hinder your performance and you won’t be able to create pictures that are truly beautiful.

Make your own style

Fine art is all about visual quality, so you need to focus next on your own style. There are still various photography techniques that each photographer particularly like to use. For example, some love to take vintage pictures while others lean more towards light painting photography. Whichever it is, confirm which style is really your own.

Next, you need to think how this style can be seen as fine art in wedding pictures. How can you make sure that they will fit in a couple inside the pictures, not just objects?

Find a pro

If you can find a professional photographer in fine art wedding photography, do find that person. We can recommend you if you cannot think of one. You can try looking for a temporary job to learn how the photographer takes his shots and edit them. If you don’t plan to work under anyone, you can look at his site and learn through the pictures he took.

There are various styles of fine art. Some lean more towards natural looking pictures where the couple just bath under the sunlight, smiling and having fun. The other takes a more serious approach to things with the couple posing in a certain way to create a pattern. Each photographer has their own specialty, so it depends.

Visual quality

Fine art is about capturing things that are high-quality in visual. But it does not mean that you shouldn’t care about the documentary side of things. Your clients would definitely want their pictures to also cover various things from their party, not just looking good and pretty. They want you to capture important things chronologically but focus more on visual quality.

Ask clients what they like

Whenever there’s someone that comes and shows their interest in hiring you, be sure to know what about you do they like. Some may not be able to tell you specifically why, but if there are those who can, this will help you know more about yourself. Show them some more pictures and ask them to tell you which one they like if they cannot put it into words. Assess how that picture stood out among others.

Fine art wedding photography is about capturing pictures that stand out after all.