wedding photographer Jacksonville FLThere are a lot of things couples have to know before deciding on who shall become their wedding photographer. But, most of the time, these couples overlooked these things from wedding photographer Jacksonville FL.

The result can sometimes surprise you; you saw great portfolios, but you ended up so disappointed with your wedding album. We want you to avoid this heartbreak and ensure that your wedding photographer can also fulfill these important qualifications.

Your wedding photographer does a lot of other things

You probably know several photographers by now who don’t only work as a wedding photographer Jacksonville FL, but also on another field of photography. They can sometimes be recognized as a one-stop service provider. Well, photography does not seem to be that different from one to the other. It’s on the difference of the subject that is captured.

Well, that’s not true. Imagine you’ve invested thousands of dollars into your photographer only to know he’s a one-stop service. To become professional, someone has to be dedicated and determined to get better in that one thing, but if your photographer does everything, he’s not likely to be that professional.

It’s one thing to have a side-hobby (such as travel photography) and another thing to do a wide variety of photography at the same time. Especially because wedding photography is one of the most complicated processes, and a photographer has to spend a lot of time to get the job done. You’d want yours to be really focused when working on yours.

Your wedding photographer does not have insurance

Ok, so we don’t hope for accidents to happen, but they are called accidents because nobody expected them to happen. That is why insurance is important. They cover the legal fee, financial loss, and medical fee if anything should happen during your wedding.

Insurance can save a lot of pain and money spent if, for example, one of your guests was injured by the props set up by the photographers. Your photographer will have to enter the court if the injuries are serious and someone has to pay the medical fees. Insurance can cover all of those. Ask your photographer to show you the proof of his insurance.

Your wedding photographer is too cheap

Sure, the price should not determine the quality, but we like to sell high-quality products or services at the price that justify them. The same goes for wedding photography service. When so many other photographers offer a standard fee, you might have found one that offers at an exceptional price. The portfolios definitely didn’t look so bad and it looked a like good option!

Be cautious because such people can offer that at the exchange of something. It can be fewer pictures, lower quality pictures, decent images, and shorter hours of coverage.

Your wedding photographer is not giving you the copyrights

This is something that many couples missed from their fine print. Since it’s full of words and they’ve paid a hefty sum of fortune, they thought it was safe to assume that they are the direct owner of the pictures. However, photographers are naturally protective of their work.

Big chances are your pictures will still be owned by your photographer. This means you cannot reproduce, post it online, or use it for commercial purposes, such as selling it.