What style do you specialize in?

wedding photographer surreyWedding photography can come in different styles and niches and one wedding photographer Surrey might vary greatly from the other in terms of style and personality. This is something that you need to be able to zero in on when you are in the process of looking for a wedding photographer Surrey to book at the end of the day. The common wedding photography styles are documentary and traditional. Although these are the two main styles to check out, these are actually broken down even further into different other smaller niches. It is kind of hard to get things figured out if you don’t know what you are getting into in the first place which is why you should make it a point to acquaint yourself with these different styles and to always go through the aspect of asking the wedding photographer Surrey that you are talking to what specific type of style he categorizes himself in most of the time, if not all throughout.

If a professional wedding photographer Surrey is a bit unsure about the kind of style that he has, then he probably isn’t very skilled in what he does in the first place and you should probably think twice before booking him while you are at it. You need someone who knows what his identity is and what he can do or he may never really be worth his salt in the first place. This is what you need to understand as a bride who is keen on booking a great professional photographer.

Will I see the RAW shots?

Any wedding photographer can make his wedding photos at least 10x better by editing the images digitally. Although this is fine and all that, there will always be instances of possibilities of him overdoing things a little too much and you need to have some sort of integrity in the photos even if you are amenable to getting them touched up one way or the other. It helps if you are looped in on the process. Talk to him about the possibility of going over his RAW shots so that you can decide together on what can be done in the photos. Some photographers will be comfortable in this because they are comfortable and confident with the kind of technique they have while some may not be but you can be rest assured you will have the upper hand if you get to check out your photographer’s RAW images nonetheless.

How many weddings have you shot?

You need to at least have a rough idea of how many weddings he has managed to shoot in the past because this speaks about the kind of experience and technique he can bring to the table during the day of your wedding. You need someone who has done this several times over in the past in order for you to be truly sure that your wedding is in the right hands.

Digital or film?

Of course, digital is cheaper and gives your wedding photographer Surrey the freedom of enhancing your photos so it is the best choice but there are certain appeals to shooting in film as well although they are undoubtedly more expensive.