Book 2 wedding cakes.

wedding photographer PeterboroughThis is as cunning and as smart as it goes. As you may have already figured out or discovered, wedding cakes can cost a fortune, especially those tall and towering ones and for a pretty good reason. The raw materials being used and the amount of labor and time that goes into it is not the type of thing that you should be joking about at any point in time. There is still something that you can do about this though. You can actually fake the main wedding cake. Only go for a real base and have a fondant covered styro layer or layers at the top. No one will even know the difference. You can then have a more basic sheet cake at the back of the kitchen sliced up and then handed out to your guests when it is time for the dessert. It is something that is practical and something that will not cost you so much money somewhere along the way. It is the perfect thing to opt for or to go for at the end of the day. this leaves you with more money for wedding photographer Peterborough fees and the like which will make your wedding so much more comprehensive for as far as professional help is concerned.

Bring your own booze.

Some of the wedding venues in your local area will charge you dirt cheap corkage fees for bringing your own booze. You can buy them by the crate or by the keg and end up saving loads of money somewhere in the process. This is what you ought to think about and look into all the time as much as you possibly can because drinks can eat up into your budget right off the bat if you aren’t all that careful with them. They are just as important as the food and for the rest of the needs that you have in the wedding such as hiring out a professional wedding photographer Peterborough at the end of the day so get that figured out early on and try to see what you can do to more or less make the most out of it.

Go guerrilla style.

Have a pop up wedding that has a potluck kind of vibe to it. It is so much more intimate and interesting and it will help you save some money during the process. This will also allow you to feed vendors like your planner and your wedding photographer Peterborough without digging too deeply into your pockets while you are at it. Do you have anyone in the family who is particularly gifted in the kitchen? Bring them in on the endeavour and tell them that they can give out their wedding gift in kind instead of buying anything material for you and for your partner when it all comes down to it.

Call in favors.

Ask mom and dad for what they would like to contribute to the wedding so far. Ask that sister who sings well to be your entertainer for the big day. Ask that artistic cousin to lay out your wedding setup and design for you. There are so many people and opportunities you can tap into if you only know where to look in the first place so think about that and get that figured out early on and things will be so much smoother for you in the end.