SEO for photographersAs a person that focuses on providing media feeds to the Internet, the most important aspect of making a powerful website is to make sure that people can actually find you. Among many ways, one can use, Google is one of the most efficient places to find you through the typing of several keywords. SEO for photographers is a very important lesson if you want Google and people to find you.

The only thing Google understands: words

Words are the only thing that Google understands the most. Whenever you want to find something, you type in several words that are related, which you most understand as keywords. Then, Google will find the answers for you. It will show articles, news, or videos which content or description contain words that are related to your keywords.

Google algorithm changes

That’s the simple way to explain it, but there are more to this. Keywords have often been exploited. Many social media marketers and content writers spam the same words over and over again, in hope that their page will pop up as high as possible in the ranking system.

Because Google only understands words, there’s no other way around this. Developers further work on avoiding spammers, such as detecting repetitive words next to each other, unrelated words within a single page, so on and so forth.

Photographers have to keep up!

This also means that photographers alike have to keep up! Most of the time, as long as you focus on high-quality content, you will not face any problem even if Google change their algorithms. But, you will want to know if that will affect your ranking. You should also check out for audit report on your photography website and lessons on SEO for photographers.

Changes in the algorithm can also mean that there’s a change in how users are using keywords. This also means that there might be changes you need to do with your website. Not just in term of the content, but also the overall look of the site.

Pictures also need words

No matter how nice your pictures are, they need words to describe them. You notice that the easiest way to search for pictures related to dogs, for example, on Instagram is to type dogs under the tags tab. If the user did not use a dog hashtag, there ‘s no way you can find it, even if that picture is full of dogs.

The same thing applies to all the pictures that you post. It’s important to use the right tagging, captions, alt text and even the naming of those files.

You don’t have to be a word-crafter

The last reason is that it helps when you’re not someone that is smart with his words. Why?

Imagine when you look at a lot of famous sites, they are filled with nicely crafted words and professional looking layout. Another way to top that off aside from heavily investing in your site, which is probably not a wise thing to do when your business is mostly done offline, is to be very knowledgeable in SEO for photographers.

Especially when your site is only meant as a way to find you online. Focusing on keywords will make it easy for people to find you and contact you afterward.