wedding photographer KentLike everything else, there are myths associated with weddings and wedding photography. These myths are simply patterns of thoughts that have grown over the years. Anyway, they are not true, your wedding photographer Kent should know them, and he or she should be able to debunk them.

Myth #1 I have a friend with a camera. That is all I need.

You think so? This most probably is at the top of the list of myths your wedding photographer should know when dealing with couples. Many people believe that there is no need to pay a professional photographer because a close friend or relative has a camera. This is both myth and a mistake: it takes skill and experience to take good pictures.

Myth #2 Getting a beautiful and breathtaking venue for the wedding is all it takes for the pictures to look good.

No. Honestly, you should your wedding pictures more seriously. They are the only things—besides your relationship—that will stand the test of time. Most couples believe that once they get a very good venue for the wedding, there is no need to hire a professional.

Anyway, I have seen pictures of weddings held at not-so-great venues and pictures from stunning wedding venues. I tell you for a fact, so much goes into wedding photography. “A mediocre photography will make the most exquisite and glamorous weddings and venues feel unremarkable.”, says Wedding photographer Kent at . You don’t want that.

Myth #3 The wedding photographer can be booked at any time because he or she only works 8 hours a week.

If you think along the line of this myth, you will most likely be unable to book a wedding photographer. The problem with this mindset is that many wedding photographers run on a tight schedule. They are booked late into the year, and for many others, into the following year. But it doesn’t stop there. When a photographer is booked, he draws up contracts and checks out the venue.

After working for long hours on the wedding day (whose details I won’t go into as you might already know), he needs to sort out the best pictures, edit the ones that need to be edited and get them back to you. Only then, is his or her job done. I think we have just summarized many months. And oh! Wedding photographers do this amidst tight schedules and other bookings.

It is one reason you need a professional, full-time wedding photographer.

Myth #4 You need to prepare a shot list.

This is borderline. While it is not exactly a full-fledged myth, you don’t exactly (compulsorily) need to prepare a shot list. Except, of course, you have a set of pictures you want taken. (Shot lists inform your photographer that you will like to have some set of pictures taken). Otherwise, if you have hired a professional—and I hope that you have—you don’t need to prepare a shot list.

Myth #5 Wedding photographers are too pricey.

We have all thought along this line too. Maybe you should take a good look at your budget and figure out the ephemeral, yet expensive things like flowers and decorations.

A wedding photographer Kent will charge much because he or she puts in a lot of work. There are pre-wedding plans to be made, and post-wedding tasks to complete. So, you are paying not just for the wedding day itself, but for things to be done and put in place before and after the wedding. Irrespective, the higher the value you place on your wedding pictures, the easier you will find paying for it.