wedding photographer AdelaideThrough this article, we’d like to enlighten our readers that, no, your uncle isn’t going to do that great of a job with your wedding photography. Okay, so he has a nice camera there, but is it the camera that makes the photographer?

While high-end cameras do produce some amazing pictures, it’s no use if the holder shakes every so often, producing blurry pictures. And this is just the first win point for a wedding photographer Adelaide in this match.


Although photographer today is more seen as a sort of art, it’s an art that will not flourish if you don’t understand the camera you’re holding. A professional photographer has gone through more than just using color filters and increasing contrast. From ISO settings, shutter settings to using different modes in different conditions, all those stuff come from training and experience.

Your uncle, however, is probably a hobbyist and likes to capture things through his camera. But there’s one important thing you missed: your uncle (or whoever your relative is, at this point of the article, we don’t want to stereotype uncle to be the enemy here) has never thought about using the settings to capture something that is normal into something beautiful.


Continuing from before, your photographer’s purpose here is to document and also capture the moments in the most beautiful way possible. They will have to time it and edit them to make sure they come up perfect in your eye. But your uncle doesn’t think this way.

Take a look at the portfolios of one of the best wedding photographer Adelaide, These pictures don’t look good when they are captured. However, the photographer did his magic, enhanced the colors without making it look too cheesy or over-rosy.

That’s the purpose of hiring a wedding photographer and why it matters. So that you won’t cry out of regret when you look back and shows tears of joy upon seeing how beautiful that day was.


Obviously, the photographer is paid to provide service of not just taking pictures but also consult, help and print your wedding album is included. They are smart and experienced people who can tell you if there are changes that they can suggest. It’s not like you and your partner are experienced with planning a wedding unless you’ve done one or work in the field.

Having a professional’s help at hand is the best thing you can ask right now. Although, your uncle can also say a thing or two about it. But marriage 30 years ago and today cannot be same or even similar in some aspects. Choosing vendors and designing the interior are things that evolve over time.

Album design

Everyone can always use a help in designing an album. A professional photographer can design personally your wedding album. Using online album-maker will make yours look similar to others who are also using the same template. But a professional wedding photographer Adelaide will personally place the pictures.

The end product is also something that your photographer will check again to make sure that it looks perfect. Everything about wedding pictures is handled by the photographer and you only need to sound your preference and concern.