wedding photographer KentYou can use many adjectives to define the place: beautiful, natural, relaxed, refreshing and so on. Preston Court is located in Kent. The place makes your dream wedding come true and numerous other wedding photographers Kent have sounded their opinions on the place. The place is adorned in nature and classics; well-maintained 100-year-old carousel enhances the classical element of the place.

The nature of the place

It is a well-conserved barn and private house with great views. With occasional peacocks and barnyard animals adding to the nature view of bluebell woods and a nature reserve consisting of 600 acres of wetland, this place has undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landscape views where you can capture great wedding pictures.

The history

The land of the Preston Court bears many histories, with the wealthiest woman of England among them. Her most favorite building was Preston Court and remains of it can still be seen around the place; under the house that exists now and in the lake next to the house.

The place is also still filled with many ancient archeological antiques and ruins lying in wait for discovery to happen; you might be walking around a possible national treasure!

The private house

The house is one warm house with comfy, panel designs and fancy decorations on one side. Various couples love to hold their reception in this 200 year-old building.


If you’d rather have a more religious wedding ceremony, St. Mildred’s and Elmstone Church serve as great places to hold your wedding ceremonies. Both places also share ancient history, such as pre-Romans remains of ruins and possible future archeology site and of pre-Saxon origin that date as far back as 12th century. And the best of it is that you can still hold your wedding here even when you are not a part of the parish.

Juliana’s Island

Just a few meters away from the private house is a small island across beautiful iron bridge where you can hold an outdoor wedding ceremony. Due to the wide field, up to 180 guests at night can attend this place and the simple design of the white tent enhances how simple love can be and how big love can feel like in a picture. After vow has been made, you can serve wine and champagne directly on the lawn, where power supply is available for sound system.

Relaxed and fun tone

The place has great views and greenery around it, making it wonderful to have a more relaxed and fun feel to it. Make sure to find yourself a wedding photographer Kent who has a more relaxed and natural style of photography.

Fine Art Photography

There are many style and technique in the photography world and one of them that will suit the place is called Fine Art Photography. It is only that main focuses on the aesthetic sense of the picture and place and usually makes up a story of sorts when compiled together. The place is full of colors, making vibrant, fine art pictures the best choice to enhance the beauty of the place and your wedding.

While this does not necessarily means that other style will do horrible or bad with this venue, the idea of using reportage or posed style can still create amazing pictures as it is all up to your creativity at play.